About Us

Inspired by life. Crafted with pride.

Be proud of who you are and your culture, your heritage, your society, while continuously learning from and imbibing newer thought patterns from other cultures. Be the quintessential you that brings peace to your inner self. Nandni’s entire clothing range is inspired by this fundamental ideology. We embrace the essential Indian-ness, simplicity, comfort, and finesse in our fabrics and designs. At the same time we also mix the contemporary with the ethnic, fluidly.


‘Denoting or characterised by a harmonious relationship between the elements of a whole: the organic unity of the integral work of art.

Joy in every thread and design.

Nandini is a Sanskrit word derived from the verbal root ‘nand’, which means ‘to rejoice’. Literally, Nandni means a woman who brings joy. The word represents a philosophy of life:
…life is beautiful
…live your life, love your life
…seek happiness as it is not a destination,
it’s a way of life

Breathable fabric meets unique handprints.

Every Nandni creation tells a unique story which begins at the grassroots level. From handpicking the weavers and fabric to choosing a mix of dyes, prints, cuts, patterns, and styles, we bring you unique designs reflective of traditional Indian artisanal skills fused with modernity.

The Flora Collection

Inspired by plant life, especially from the variety of leaves that nature has to offer. Each garment has been hand painted using leaves using the technique of pressure painting, transforming it into a unique, fashionable line of clothing. Instead of using a traditional wooden block, paint is applied on a leaf and pressed on the fabric. This leaves a unique imprint on the fabric displaying the veins of each leaf. Each block is painted independently making each print look unique. The imperfections of hand printing add to the beauty of the garment.

Keeping in line with our primary inspiration – life – we use nature’s most beautiful fabric – handspun, handwoven cotton. 


Sujata Gupta

Soojata Gupta
The artist who pursued her passion.

A senior IT executive, an alumni of IIM Calcutta & NIT Kurukshetra, with 24 years of corporate exposure, Soojata quit the IT industry to follow her passion and dabble with garment design. After understanding the basics of the design process from Pearl Academy, she has launched her own label – Nandni. She has a keen interest in handwoven fabrics, handwork and subtle details which is well reflected in her work. Minimal and functional and the two best ways to describe her work.